Bio: Casey


Casey Rudd was a drug user for over 30 years, had one baby born addicted to meth and raised four children in the drug lifestyle. She was sentenced to 28 years for selling $120.00 worth of weed and hash and sent to Montana Women’s Prison in 1994.

Upon her release, Casey started Connections in 1998, to assist prisoners with writing parole plans, finding housing, jobs, clothes, furniture and anything else they may need to be successful with reentering into the community.

Casey received the “Peacemaker Award” from the Community Mediation Center in April of 2006 and the Governors Recognition Award for World AIDS Day 2007.

She is currently working towards a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Studies.

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  • Have you been the the web site; ? The Montana thread is not very active but there looks like somthing is happening in the Parol board Thread. Looks like some on jumped on that it in good with Thomas and the parole board.

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