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Beginning this Winter, all training calendars produced by The Institute will be electronic only. Print calendars will no longer be mailed to individuals or agencies, except in the cases of special needs. Please let your colleagues and friends know of these changes and direct them to sign up for our e-blasts by visiting our webpage and entering the e-mail address at the top right-hand corner or by clicking here and signing up

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This fall, The Institute at Harm Reduction Coalition is bringing you a training calendar with the majority of trainings examining issues related to incarceration, law, and criminal justice.This training calendar covers wide-ranging topics within the framework of criminal justice, from how the criminal justice system affects women and girls to the impacts of the Rockefeller Drug Law reforms on service providers. You can learn about clients’ rights in the street, as well as law enforcement and syringe access programs.

This fall, The Institute at HRC is offering these trainings:

  • Taboo Yardies (Film Screening)
  • Perpetual Punishment
  • La Reducción de Daño / Overview of Harm Reduction in Spanish
  • Gender Responsive Approaches to Women with Criminal Justice System Involvement
  • Transgender Awareness & The Criminal Legal System
  • Wellness Disconnect: Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System
  • Rockefeller Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow: Developing a Public Health & Safety Approach to Drug Policy
  • Discharge Planning, Social Service Delivery & Cultural Competency
  • Street Law: Know Your Clients’ Rights
  • Policy, HIV, & Gender: Examining the Impacts of HIV on Women & Girls in Black & Latino Communities
  • Moving Forward After Rockefeller: Panel Discussion on the Impacts of the Rockefeller Drug Law Reforms
  • Opioid Overdose: Build Your Skills & Knowledge-Get the SKOOP!
  • HIV Over 50
  • Syringe Access Services & Law Enforcement
  • Reaching In/Reaching Out: Working at the Intersection of HIV & Imprisonment
  • Coming Home: Supporting Former Prisoners Who Are Re-entering Our Communities

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*Instructions for registering are listed on the Registration Form of the calendar, pg. 9.

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