Thanks to John Wirtala for informing the public of the Parole Board activities.

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Thanks to John Wirtala for informing the public of the Parole Board activities.

Here is another trick they play to keep easy to manage inmates and keep the population of the prison up. The reason is to get more money.

They offer an inmate a parole board meeting before they are eligible. If the inmate isn’t aware of this when he shows up they flip them for a full year or two if they are exceptionally early. That way they can set the budget and count on that income for the next year or two.

They grant parole then hold the inmate as long as 2 months and some even longer and still claim they are granting parole.

When they didn’t get the budget increase the Governor told them: “We’ll just have to give you a supplemental budget when this one is gone”. So believe it: Ferreter is doing what ever it takes to get the money.

It is time for the Parole board to go. There is no requirement to VET the appointees for ego problems and preconceived attitudes. They hire from the inside all the time so no new ideas or attitudes come in; just one big tax payer funded family. Just because the governor likes you doesn’t mean you are really qualified to make judgment on people’s lives.

If you don’t think there are too many law officers just take a look at Mary Pfennings letter in the same paper.

Ruben J. McKinney

Havre, MT

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  • I have seen this scenario for myself. Having a loved one in MSP, there are those who are going before the board, only to get rejected for whatever reasons they decide. This happens a great deal of time. It is said that NO one gets parole the first time they go before the board. It doesn’t happen…to anyone and I see how they are doing their money count! It is wrong. It deflates the inmates positive attitude about getting out, keeping up their good conduct and other factors when they know they will be turned down. Why even show up? – catch 22 – you need to show up or they find you in non-compliance. Then once an inmate has been granted parole, they take their ever-lovin sweet time about their release date, 60 days or more! Keeping the inmates in as long as they can because of the money game, seeing if they can make them mad or upset, causing a misconduct on the inmates part, getting detained another 60 – 120 days depending on the type of misconduct. It is wrong. If you get your parole, you should be out of there within 2 days. Other states in this country do exactly that, you are paroled you are out of there. It should be mandatory, rules made and adhered to. It is all about the money game – not the lives of these inmates and their families and what they have to go through during this time waiting on when they will get out. I have heard some family members state, it is harder time “waiting” on the parole day to get there, than doing the 3-5-10 years or more getting to that point.

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