corrections program layoffs in Deer Lodge…

Source story is here: KULR-8

Montana Corrections Enterprise laid-off five workers last Wednesday in Deer Lodge, who managed inmate work and job-training programs statewide. The lay-offs are not expected to affect the prisoners participation.

How will this not effect the 400 inmates that participate in this program?

Wasn’t this program funded by the inmates, and not the State?


  • Can any one tell me if Gayle Lambert is Marty Lambert’s wife of relative?

  • They’re not married that I know of, could be related though easily. A lot of Lambert’s here in MT!

  • I just can't help but notice all the same names as you go through the people running the place.

  • I asked a while ago if any one knew it Gayle Lambert was related to Marty Lambert? ( County Attorney- Gallitian County)

  • I haven't found out yet either, Ruben. I'm not sure if they are married or related in some other way.

  • My point is the names you always see: Greg Thomas & Julie Thomas : Marty Lambert & Gayle Lambert : Jack Slaughter& Bill Slaughter & Chris Slaughter. Thomas has 30 years in the job so If we get a governor that isn’t a lap dog to the correctional department he will retire and Julie Thomas will move up. So what change will be made? What has been covered up will remain covered up.

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