womens resistance at perryville…

This comes from Jon’s Jail Journal – the post for January 3, 2010. I’m giving you the lead and linking you back there for the rest, because if you haven’t checked out his blog, you need to now. It’s a blogspot for bloggers from jails and prisons with special focus on TentCity and Arapio. Anyone who can get copies of this blog post inside, send them. Women’s resistance is worth making the extra effort to pay attention to. We need to figure out how to support them, which starts with letting them know we hear them…

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Major Civil Liberties Policy Advances For D.C….

President Obama, on December 15th, signed into law the Fiscal Year 2010 Omnibus Appropriations bill, legislation that includes several positive civil liberties provisions for the District of Columbia including removal of a ban on financial aid for low-income women to receive abortions, expanded benefits for domestic partnerships and an end to D.C.’s discriminatory school voucher program.

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