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“The delegates to the Constitutional Convention made a clear and unequivocal decision that government operates most effectively, most reliably, and is most accountable when it is subject to public scrutiny…Public officials gain undue power by their rarified access to information-and because average citizens are denied that same information, bureaucrats have another advantage: they escape full accountability to the people they serve.”

  ~Justice Trieweiler

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Law & Order Tackles Accountability for Torture. Will We Have It in Real Life?

In this fictionalized but typically “ripped from the headlines” episode, McCoy decides to prosecute an author of a Justice Department legal memo authorizing torture , as well as his co-conspirators up the chain of command, including Vice President Cheney. … This evidence comes from congressional reports, the Justice Department’s infamous legal memos and the CIA inspector general report released as part of ACLU litigation, detainees’ accounts and even the boastful admissions of officials, including former vice president Dick Cheney, who has been aggressive in his defense of waterboarding.

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L.A.Times: We Can Do Better With Forensics

Props: Innocence Blog    An editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times makes a strong case for federal forensic reform, pointing out that Cameron Todd Willingham, an innocent man executed in Texas in 2004, is among countless people sent to prison in the U.S. based on faulty forensic evidence. … The editorial refers to the Senate Judiciary hearings earlier this month on forensic science, where Innocence Project Co-Director Peter Neufeld called for an expanded federal role in forensic reforms.

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