August 2014 Update

augustHello Everybody,

WOW time flies and here we are again moving into fall soon already. We have been crazy busy working across the state on our contracts. I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a Health Conference in North Dakota next month so I am busy getting my presentation ready. We are also finishing up a Meth project we were part of with Princeton, Indiana and Louisiana Universities. They are studying the sex behaviors of meth users and we partnered with them and handed out their survey across Montana. It was a great experience not to mention a notable partnership that will be GREAT for grants in the future.

The supervision fee class action is moving forward and our attorney is bringing in some other attorney’s out of state to help. So it is looking good and we are still collecting forms in case any of you want to come on board. Just let me know and I will send the form to you and you can send it back to be turned in with the rest of the surveys that have already been given to the attorney.

A lot of rumors have been coming across my desk that I would like to address. One has to do with mandatory parole. Mandatory parole will not be part of this next legislative session. The Law and Justice committee is drafting bills to further investigate the parole board, DOC and probation and parole. Until we get that mess fixed we are stuck trying to help push these bills through this session before we can bring up mandatory parole again. A big problem on the rise is WHO are the new representatives going to be on the Law and Justice committee. Right now we have 8 out of 12 on our side that could all change if the wrong people get voted in. It is so important that people out here vote for the RIGHT people who will represent our population and make positive changes to this broken system. One guy I am looking at who is running for MT. Supreme Court is David Herbert, there are others running for other positions across the state and we need to research and do our homework before voting. Felons DO have the right to vote in this state even while on parole or probation as long as they are not incarcerated on the day of voting. I want to encourage all of you to encourage your families and friends to vote and to be diligent in researching whom they want to vote for, they can email candidates and ask questions and get a good feel if this is the right person to represent them and Montana.

The Disabilities Rights people are on your side and they have asked that all of you whether you are disabled or not to please send them your medical issues if you have any. If you are not being treated fairly or humanely they want to know about it as they intend to testify during this next session so please send them your issues if you have any. Disabilities Rights MT 1022 Chestnut St Helena, MT 59601 % Charlie McCarthy.

The next and last meeting of the Law and Justice committee will be Sept. 3rd in Helena. The committee sent me notice that all of your board survey’s have been put online on their website. I checked and they are there and they look great. Thank all of you again for helping with that effort and for doing what you can to change this system. I realize you are limited in what you can help with but we really appreciate those of you who chose to stand up for “positive change” and do what you could.

I sent a survey out to the Native American prisoners but for some reason have not gotten any back. I am not sure why either you were not interested or didn’t get them. Please let me know something so I can correct the problem or let the Coalition know you aren’t interested in doing it.

We will be getting a new intern this year her name is Hannah Kops and we are looking forward to having her with us. She has already done work for us in the past so she knows what to expect. She starts next week and will be with us all of the school year hopefully. We are always looking for Advisory Board members so if that is something you would like to help us with then let me know and I will send you the app.

Finally I want to thank all of you again for all the help and support you have given us so far this year and please know you are in our prayers and thoughts always. You are not forgotten. Many Blessings to you.


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