August Update 2017

Connections Update
August 2017

Hello Everybody,

WOW here I go once more apologizing for no contact with all of you. Life is not easy out here as some of you know and I have been caught up in it. It seems as though I am being tested on how I will handle challenges that come my way. I went through a divorce in 2016 after 17 years of marriage that has overflowed into 2017 with a lot of drama, hate and anger from my ex. I’m not responding to any of his threats and in fact requested a Permanent Order of Protection. I’m only telling you this because it directly affects you and Connections. He wants to have Connections shut down and is doing all he can to do just that, he’s getting no where but I still have to deal with the mess. My question to you is do you want to stand with me or come off of the board? If you choose to come off just let me know and I will remove your name from our list. If you choose to stand with me, thank you very much for having my back.
You are our Advisory Board and it is totally up to you how I proceed, so I am going to tell you now how I would like to proceed. I would like to start over with a fresh new Board of Directors out here, which is made up of 3-9 people, one each from the populations we serve. So that would be a felon, a drug user, a Hep C positive, then the president, secretary treasurer, director and my assistant. I’m the Director and I have a new assistant named Tayler Walker who will be doing street outreach work after I train her. You make up our Advisory Board and there is 74 of you currently but I would like to increase that number in all facilities if we can. We have nobody from Gt. Falls anymore, hopefully that will change soon. So far our grants are secure so that’s a good thing. I need help around here and am already doing something about that, I hired Tayler and she will start the 22nd. Hannah is still working and does all of our media support, face book, website, newsletter and now another face book page for the needle exchange “Friend with a POINT.” School starts soon and I will get some interns to help as well. We have a lot of community service people that come to get their hours and I am gratefull for their help. Its looking like I will have more time to work on answering mail and filling your orders for supplies. Since the exchange program started I have gotten a bunch of calls for me to come and talk about the exchange and how it works. We are so busy and not enough help at this minute. These are my plans and I’m asking you to chime in and let me know what you think, did I leave something out that needs attention? I’m sure I did….I would also like to hear from you on what you see happening if anything with the new bills that passed. Do we need to show up in person at the Prison Issues Board meetings and if so can some of you take on the responsibility of letting us know what you need done there? Do prisoners have any representation at those meetings? The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 26th in Shelby. We have the minutes to the last meeting that was in June if you would like to look those over and comment for the next meeting. We will continue to keep an eye on the legislative interim committee meetings and report back. That’s a good start for now.
You guys have always had my back over the last 20 years and you will never know how much I appreciate that and how much love I feel from you and hopefully you feel it back from me. I have always tried to do what I can for you and will continue to do that as long as you want Connections advocating for you. Let’s start over and continue to create “positive change.”

Many Blessings to you,


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