January 2010 Update

Happy New Year Everybody,

I have been busy setting things up for the New Year. We did well on our grants from the state for HIV and HepC education across the state. We were awarded $20,000.00 more than we had last year. So we will be busy again this year. Marc is back to work after the Holidays and is working on the next issue of the “Lockdown Daily News.”

The Board decisions for July-Dec are enclosed. Please note that under straight parole there were 86 but only 36 were newly paroled the rest were already on parole but asking for different things or revisions to their current paroles. Also the paroled category isn’t really paroles as such; they are extensions of the prison and their supporting programs. So in actuality only 36 were paroled. This is SAD! I look forward to your opinions on this chart.

Montana Parole Board decisions from July - December 2009.

I am also sending you an updated survey on possible issues you would like us to address from out here. I simply went by what you have been sending me recently to create the list. There is a place to add issues I have left off so go ahead and use that if you need too. I will tally up the answers and let you know the top four. If you can not afford to make copies please let me know and I will send you copies to pass around. Let’s try to reach as many people as we can. I posted the survey here, so family, friends, and supporters can do it as well.

Most of you have written to let me know that your staying on the Advisory Board this year, but for those who have not could you let me know soon. Those who are interested in coming onto the Adv. Board please let me know.

I am looking forward to a GREAT year of creating “Positive Change” within the criminal justice system in Montana. Thank you for all the great Christmas cards, and the help, support, and prayers that you give all year. Many blessings to all of you in 2010.


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