July 2010 Update

Hello everybody, Happy Birthday America,

Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying what you can of the summer. As some of you know I have been having health problems and many tests to see what’s wrong. Last week I had a heart surgery to fix part of the problem and now they will test my lungs to see if we can fix the rest. I am down for awhile so am using this time to catch up on things. I have answered every letter that I have received in the last few months and ask that you forgive the long delay in answering you.

I have a few things to ask of you

  • Would you like to see the Board decisions from Jan – June 2010 like we did last year?
  • Would you like to have an order form so you can get brochures to pass out to others? ( Connections, Network and Voice project brochures )
  • We need more reps from the Regionals and Shelby.
  • Marc needs more things for the newsletter

The “Lock Down Daily News” will be sent out in Sept. and again in Dec. Unless we get more stuff to put in it. Some of you have been sending in articles and poems and that is great but we only have a few things and we need much more if you want it to go out more often. The last newsletter went out in May so if you didn’t receive one let me know and I will get it to you. Anybody that had things in the newsletter, your stuff is also on our website so your family and friends can go and read your articles and poems online.

Some of the wives and family members are helping me create a list for the next Prison Issues meeting. If you have concerns that need to be brought up let us know so we can bring them up. I will also be emailing some of the staff and others to try and get a feel for the Issues board so we are not wasting our time and efforts. Reports from those attending meetings seem to think it’s a waste of time and they are getting blown off and not taken seriously at the meetings. Meetings are posted at the last minute which does allow enough time for most of us to get there. We may need another approach so as not to waste our efforts and energy in places that have no control or desire to create change. I’ll keep you posted as to what I find out. We can always use more family and friends out here to get involved the bigger the network the more we can accomplish.

As always we can always use more Advisory Board members so spread the word. We look forward to hearing from all of you and wish you many blessings. Thank you for your willingness to help create “Positive Change.”


One comment

  • If you read my last letter to the editor in the Great Falls tribune I feel the absence of information that we can get from the prisons is what allows the bad to continue. If you don’t have relative or friend to go there and visit you never know what is going on. When your relative or friend leaves your information stops and they close ranks with all the relatives that also work there and we know nothing of what goes on. While I have friends and relatives there I would like to write sort of a blog on small activities that go on that no ever hears about that continue to perpetuate the problems inside.

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