November 2010 Update


I can’t believe this year is almost over, where did it go? Anyway, it has been a year of reflection for us and in doing so we have realized some things need to move up on our priority list, such as health issues. Eddie and I have both had a rough year health wise and have taken some time to regroup and get well. We are both feeling stronger now and are back in the office doing the work we love. There has been a gap in updates going out and we are going to strive to keep on top of that as well as answering mail. We ask again for your patience and to bear with us as we move forward with our projects.

I am sending the Board decisions from Jan-June 2010 as well as the materials order form as promised. Keep in mind that the Board decisions include ALL prisoners, probationers, and parolees that were eligible for review. The 60 straight paroles included are mostly people out here that were reinstated on probation after a violation. The 377 paroled were all paroled to programs that are extensions of the prison and shouldn’t really be counted as paroles. The “other” category under Paroled included things like, released to detainer, released to Feds, and several cases that had restrictions added to their paroles. Those people were already out here and are not really a new parole but there was no place else to count those numbers. Everybody that requested Executive Clemency was denied.

The Materials Order Form is for those of you on the Advisory Board who want to spread the word and help us get more people involved with the network. Raising awareness with families and friends is what it is going to take to accomplish our goals.

The Board has posted their proposal for New Administrative Rules Changes on their website. At first reading it looked like business as usual but thanks to Sam who pointed out some concerns I went back and looked more closely and there are a few disturbing changes. I am sending an ALERT out to members and asking that they respond from now until the session starts in January. We will also write something in the newsletter concerning this topic and post the ALERT on the website. The newsletter will be done in about a week and ready to go out to you. As always thank you for your prayers and support.

Many blessings to you


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