November 2011 Update

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody,

As the year winds down, it’s a time to reflect on our blessings this year and we have many. Our health is getting better, our family is together and healthy and our business has grown stronger through our struggles with finances and visions. We haven’t heard anything yet about our grants that we applied for and probably won’t hear anything until the end of December. The struggle with grants and finances has given us the opportunity to research and think about what we will do without any funding for Connections. We are strategizing now with our Board and will be making some decisions after the notification on grants. The Network has grown both with family members and prisoners. The family members seem to be more involved and are willing to send emails, write letters and go to meetings, which is GREAT.

As you all know we have been doing a survey to gather information about your experiences with the Board of Pardons and Parole. To date we have collected 215 total. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Glendive- 27
  • Gt. Falls- 10
  • MSP- 140
  • Shelby-38

This is a lot lower turnout than I had hoped for and probably won’t make our point, however those that did do the survey did a great job of supplying information about their experience with the Board. I am confident that when the Legislators read those testimonies they will truly hear the VOICES of all of you. There were a lot of issues brought up within those surveys and letters. I will make a list of all of those issues and bring them forward at the Law and Justice meeting in December. As all of you know mandatory parole is not an easy sell, especially when our current system is all about MONEY and not rehabilitation. We are willing to stand up for all of you and continue to bring this forward with the arguments that all of you have provided and just ask that you keep us and the issues in your prayers as we move forward to do the right thing.

Marc started college this semester and really doesn’t have the time to do the newsletter so Eddie has taken it back and the next issue of the “Lockdown Daily News” will go out this week for sure. All of those who did the survey will receive a copy this time. We will accept survey’s until the meeting in December. Thank all of you very much for your response to the survey, and for your help and support. Advisory Board Members YOU ROCK!!!!

Many Blessings


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