October Update 2017

Connections Update
October 2017

Hello Everybody,

What a busy couple of months were having and so much fun. The end of September there was an L&J and PIB meeting where we were represented at both and got some great info on the table. The minutes for those 2 meetings will be available to those that wish to read them. The next Law & Justice meeting will be November 14th and 15th if you have anything you would like to submit for that meeting please send it to me as soon as possible so we can make copies and get it to the committee. I’m finishing up your Newsletter, which hasn’t been sent out for years. If you have an article you have written, a poem, drawing or anything else that is newsworthy please send it in and I’ll get it in this issue. Much more info concerning the PIB Board and L & J meeting will be in this issue as well.

We opened a new office for “Friends with a POINT” in Butte a couple of weeks ago. It’s located at 969 N. Main Butte. Please DON’T send mail there continue sending it to the Box in Bozeman. This office is for our syringe exchange program and HIV/Hep C testing. We are excited to get this up and running and so far we have had a lot of support from the other agencies in town. Our goal at some point will be to open offices in Helena and Dillon. We already go to those towns for outreach and if needed we will open offices there as well.

Hep C is still running rampant with Meth use up 500% and Heroin up 1500% young people are at huge risk because they don’t know the risk factors. They are not taught anything about Hep C in school so we have been trying really hard to get into the high schools and colleges so that we can educate on the risk factors and how to keep yourself safe with drug use, tattoos, and everyday challenges where there is blood involved. We have new meds now that have 100% success rate after completing treatment. Treatment with new drugs is anywhere from 12-24 weeks, although treatment is very expensive Medicare and Medicaid will pay for it, if you don’t have that kind insurance other insurance company’s may pay as well. If you have none of that ALL pharmaceutical company’s that make treatment meds have Commitment to Care programs which means if you qualify they will send your doc your meds for free and you have to pay foe the office visit and blood work. That’s a great deal, that many people out here use. Felons and Injecting Drug Users are the highest risk populations for Hep C so be careful in there.

Federal news Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law SB 180, the Repeal Ineffective Sentencing Enhancements (RISE) Act. The bill repeals a three-year mandatory sentence enhancement for some repeat drug offenses. When states like California and Louisiana eliminate mandatory sentencing provisions in the same year, it is clear that sentencing reform is not a partisan issue. It is a commonsense solution to a pressing problem. California is the latest on a growing list of states that are trying to eliminate counterproductive sentencing policies. It is encouraging to see the changes that are happening in key states across the nation. We hope as we head into the 2018 legislative sessions that more states will take California’s lead and do away with ineffective and inefficient one-size-fits-all sentencing policies.

Thank all of you for your input, support and love. We still need Advisory Board members so if your interested please let me know and I will send you the app. Also don’t forget your articles, poems, drawings, cell house recipes, etc. for your Newsletter.

Many Blessings to all of you


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