September 2009 Update

Hello Everybody,

Thank all of you so much for helping with the list of Board decisions. I did find another way to gather that information. Board decisions are public information and listed on the D.O.C. website so we were able to print those off and track them for the first half of the year (Jan. – June). I am sending you our findings and will track the next half of the year so we can see what is going on. Keep in mind the information we used to do this was given by the Board. It was pretty interesting to pull together and I am looking forward to your comments, thoughts, and concerns. If you have any questions please write and ask. We got a lot of letters this month with feedback on August Updates but I didn’t hear much about the attachments I sent from the Corrections Council recommendations to the Governor, so I want to make sure you received them. Please let me know when you write next time. They were sent with the 2nd update in August.

We have a new part time employee named Marc who will be working on our website, and also working on creating a new look for our newsletter. He wants to put one out every month or so with the first one going out next week. Marc will need your help with articles and other newsworthy stuff to get this done. He would like to include the stats from your weight lifting competitions and any other things of interest to you. Marc is a MMA fight promoter in the state and very knowledgeable on the subjects of fitness, nutrition, and training. I am sure he will include some of that in the newsletter. Marc is also my oldest son and has come along way with turning his life around. We are very proud of him and the work he does and are happy to have him working with us. Please join us in welcoming him and hope you enjoy the next issue of the LOCK DOWN DAILY NEWS.

As always you are in our thoughts and prayers and we appreciate all of your letters, prayers and support and wish you many blessings.


Board Decisions January – June 2009


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